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The Issues

I am Pro-Education

I believe in positive changes that will make a difference in our district. I have proposals that will keep Oklahoma school funds in the education coffers to fund classrooms, support staff, provide safety and security, and pay our teachers a living wage. (where they belong). Preventing educational funds from being shifted to other state agencies is a top priority for me. As District 34 representative I will work diligently to ensure funding for education stays in our state education system.  I will work to maximize recognition for educators from K-12, Colleges and Technical Schools. 

I am Pro-Business

I will propose policies and support legislation that advance our economic growth by diversifying our economic base.  I will work with other community leaders and stakeholders to exploit our positives to bring businesses and industries to our District. I will work with our city and county leaders and private partners to build a strong infrastructure that will entice businesses and companies to our District.  

I am Pro-Life

My Pro-Life stance is multifaceted. I will push legislation that protects ALL life from conception to natural death. I support parental rights as the foundation to help create stronger Oklahoma families. Stronger families create stronger communities and a stronger society. I will work to ensure public safety, justice for victims of crimes and those battling human trafficking. I will work to protect constitutional conservative values, support Oklahoma’s veterans, active military personnel and first responders and promote traditional family values.



Maximize (Promote) strong support (funding, safety, recognition) for education.


Elevate (Protect) strong, conservative, constitutional values like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Advance and facilitate economic growth through diversifying our economic base. 


Nurture the growth and development of both access to and quality of local and state healthcare.


Support Oklahoma's veterans, active military

personnel, first responders and affiliated programs.