the issues with Liberal

Ignores Constitutional Rights

No military service. Democrat incumbent backed by Emily’s List, which works to ‘ignite progressive change’ in America by backing Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. 1

Ignored Your First Amendment Rights: Voted AGAINST allowing free-speech on college campuses (SB361). 3

Ignored Your 2nd Amendment Rights: Voted AGAINST Constitutional Carry (HB2597) 2 “D” Rating by the NRA. 3

Ignored Your 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, & 10th Amendment Rights: Voted AGAINST Due Process by voting No on OK’s landmark Anti-Red Flag law, which stops confiscation of guns without due process (SB1081). 3

Ignores the Right ALL Americans to Seek Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness: Anti-Life: Endorsed by pro-abortion until moment of birth Emily’s List 1

Anti-Liberty and Freedom: As a democrat, supports efforts to increase regulations, 
backs government mandates and overreach.

Ignores and Obstructs Proper Law Enforcement: Voted AGAINST HB3195, which required police departments to cooperate with ICE. 3

Ignored Education Needs - instead chose partisan politics. Despite being a former teacher, Ranson voted AGAINST the recent teacher pay raise (HB2765 – funded pay raise). 3



republican for state house

Veteran: Retired CAPT., served 27 years in the US Air Force & US Public Health Service. Health Care Professional and 
local community service provider will 
bring experience needed to safely open 
businesses and schools!

Defender of constitutional rights

Pro-Free Speech - Supports the right to freely speak publicly without fear of reprisal.

Pro-Gun Rights – “The Right to Keep & Bear Arms shall NOT be infringed.” Endorsed by the NRA and OK Second Amendment Association.

Pro-Due Process – As a police department Chaplain and mentor for those needing to get their lives on track, Aaron works to unite our community while following the Rule of Law.

Supports the foundational tenets of the Constitution: LIFE (from pre-born to natural death), LIBERTY (government should be constrained, and freedom maximized) PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (reduce mandates & overregulation unleash the free market).

Supports Law Enforcement, Funding, & providing the tools needed to keep our communities safe.

Will never play politics in education funding decisions - our children must be equipped to be successful for America to remain great.